Letter from
the Directors

We are pleased to bring you the 2014 Annual Report.

SIFF celebrates everything film, with the world's most accessible art form.

Last year was exciting and dynamic for SIFF. We celebrated our 40th anniversary, honoring our deep roots in the greater Northwest community telling stories through our cinema, festival, and education programs. Over the course of 365 days, renowned filmmaking artists from every region of our globe brought their magnificent films to SIFF enriching the fabric of our culture, opening our eyes, entertaining us and providing opportunities to see things from a different perspective.

In addition to the tremendous milestone and thanks to the generosity and support of the community, SIFF completed the journey of saving the historic Uptown Theatre. At the same time, we embarked on preserving the Egyptian Theatre, originally built by SIFF as the Festival's flagship venue.

Now we look forward to the next 40 years, with unceasing ambition to create stronger community through shared experiences.

We invite you to peruse this report, enjoy the year's accomplishments and hear from the many people who have been a large part of molding SIFF into a cultural organization that has maintained its vibrancy and integrity for 40 years.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your support matters!

Brian LaMacchia, Board President

Carl Spence, Artistic Director

Mary Bacarella, Managing Director


On May 15, 2014, at the Opening Night Gala in McCaw Hall, SIFF announced that it had purchased the SIFF Cinema Uptown (with the "Angels of the Uptown") and signed a lease for the Egyptian Theatre.


Collectively, these two venues have been showcasing essential and award-winning cinema for more than 100 years. The films presented have been more than just entertainment; they've been a chance to see the world from a different perspective with the possibility to transform our collective consciousness. We look forward to continuing their legacy of showing extraordinary films from around the world 365 days a year.

“We love movies and we love architecture. Preserving the Egyptian and providing a cultural outlet for film goers seemed like an amazing way for us to bring our two passions together. We look forward to many great years of many great films at this wonderful location”

Lisa Brummel and Celeste Keaton

SIFF gratefully acknowledges the donors who made possible the re-opening of the Egyptian as a SIFF Cinema venue on October 1, 2014.

Thank you to the following donors as well as the thousands of you who contributed during the festival in the text-to-give campaign.

SIFF Cinema Egyptian Donors - $250+

Craig Bartholomew & Tanya Ruckstuhl

Cindy & Dan Brettler

Lisa Brummel & Celeste Keaton

Kyle Cable

Deborah Confer

Cathy & Phil Davis

Katherine & David De Bruyn

Anita & Jack Dingrani

Ellen Downey

J Mark Duncan

Maura G Fallon & Mark Gau

Rich & Mary Fassio

Mark & Andrea Frabotta

Lynn Hubbard & David Zapolsky

Amy Jackson

David & Nancy La France

Ann LeVeque

Darryl Macdonald

Ian & Margaret Marks

Harold Matzner & Devin Hermanson

Richie Meyer & Susan Harmon

Ludovic Morlot

David Murdock

Shane O’Connell

Donna Poppe

Mike Ramey

Catherine Reed

Greg Schatzman

David & Catherine Skinner

Cydly Smith

Jeff Stolz & Tim O'Connor

Lea & Rick Sund

Mark Torrance

Sheree Wen

Dennis & Peggy Willingham

Sara & Ted Woolsey

"After moving from Berlin to Seattle last year, I was so happy to find a great film community again through SIFF. I support SIFF to give back what SIFF gives to me - the possibility to enjoy outstanding international cinema far away from home. SIFF is a huge asset to Seattle's cultural scene and this has to be preserved."

Arabelle Liepold, SIFF MEMBER



Jacquie Dinnie is thrilled to be back with SIFF in her favorite movie theatre, the Egyptian. She joined the SIFF volunteer team in 1996, when she first brought her bartending expertise to Festival events and to the guest suite at the W Hotel. “I made a list of all the bars that I worked, the places I liked to go,” she said, “and would hand it out to anyone that asked what there was to do in the area,” whether the guest was a big star or an up-and-coming industry member. “I loved helping people enjoy the Festival.” After a ten-year stint living in Hawaii, she returned to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, and was eager to return to the volunteer corps. She currently serves as a volunteer usher at the beloved Egyptian once a week, bringing her passion for engaging with patrons, filmmakers and staff. “Tim and Betty are the best,” she said of the Egyptian operations managers. “They taught me to make my first kettle of popcorn.”

"Every year SIFF brings Italy to Seattle through the magic of cinema. Our passion is Italy and film is such an exciting way to keep in touch with contemporary Italian life. These films and the visits by Italian filmmakers are a superb way for us to share in the rich tradition of Italian cinema. We look forward to partnering with SIFF for many more years. Bravissimo – SIFF!"

Alan Veigel, President of Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association

Community Partners

Perugia Sister City Association

Community partners are one of the most essential pieces of the SIFF puzzle.  SIFF has developed a wonderful partnership with Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association—an organization dedicated to celebrating, sustaining and extending the friendship between Seattle and Perugia through cultural and educational activities. Seattle-Perugia SCA sponsors the Festival, as well as co-coordinating SIFF’s annual Cinema Italian Style mini film festival. Because of their support, SIFF has been able to grow Cinema Italian Style into a self-sustaining program that people look forward to attending every year. Cinema Italian Style is our most well-attended and popular event outside of the main Festival. Together we work toward creating an international dialogue through the medium of film.

Sponsor Profile


Walking into the INGENIUX offices at the top of the Broadacres building near Pike Place market, you instantly know you are entering a realm of film lovers.  Jim Edmunds, the founder and CEO, ushers you into the Fellini conference room and you begin your conversation trading favorite scenes and film trivia. 

Since 2012, the team at Ingeniux has provided the technology infrastructure for SIFF.net.  They are engaged strategically on web marketing initiatives and they are always looking to improve the user experience.  SIFF is thrilled to have INGENIUX re-launch the website in April 2015.

Jim sums up the opportunity for his team: “It’s a great brand, we all feel it is one of our favorite customers… SIFF’s website is so content rich that it is a special challenge and opportunity to manage it on a day to day basis.  It is always changing and we have to come up with new solutions to manage all that content.  Plus, office morale increases as our staff is engaged and enjoying the best movies from around the world.” 

As we walked past 15th century maps of Italian city-states at the entrance to Ingeniux, Jim explained that his involvement with the film festival began in 2012 when his team built the site for Cinema Italian style, the annual festival in the fall.

Each year, they have left their mark on the web presence, including mobile-enabling the site in 2013, and adding MySIFF, a tool that empowers festival goers to easily plan their festival experience and record a SIFF film diary.

As mobile web traffic increases, SIFF is lucky to have a partner in website development that is ready to put into code the best new ideas for reaching audience where they will interact with SIFF.

Ingeniux’s bread and butter is Web Content Management software. Its CMS and Cartella software products enable their clients to directly manage their web content, create meaningful web experiences, foster community and fine-tune their marketing messages in real time.

And, SIFF is able to provide Ingeniux with a great incentive for its customers to come to Seattle for the annual user conference. Ingeniux hosts a screening and party at the SIFF Film Center during the conference.

SIFF gratefully acknowledges the many contributions Ingeniux makes to our ability to connect with our members.



Sarah Haskell.  SIFF Education Volunteer.

FutureWave, one of the three main SIFF Education programs, was awarded the “best youth engagement program” in September 2014 by Teen Tix, a local organization that works to build youth access and engagement in the arts.

Volunteer Sarah Haskell has been coordinating FutureWave, a year-round committee consisting of teens from a variety of schools in Seattle, since its inception over 6 years ago and the recognition was proof that this work is vital and effective in building new audiences and critical, engaged film aficionados.

In addition to planning quarterly events to connect with young audiences (such as the highly successful Monty Python and the Holy Grail Teen Night), FutureWave gets into gear right before the festival, recruiting a new group of film-savvy teens to be on the jury to select the FutureWave feature films and award the Youth Jury prize.
A separate team of elementary and middle school students ages 8-12 selects the Films4Families lineup.

While she wants to give new youth a chance to serve on the committees, Sarah has had so many motivated and creative students in the program that she notes “it is hard to release them”.  A fresh applicant pool arrives at the end of March, in time to jury the films for the upcoming festival.

Haskell, who has a background in arts and education and currently works at PATH, reviews the applications for the committee spots every spring, works on the logistics of the meetings and screenings for the jurors and families, and helps to facilitate their deliberations.

What does it take to be on one of the juries?  Haskell looks for a list of 5 favorite films and a solid explanation of why the films are tops in the prospective juror’s eyes. 

The larger goal of SIFF is to create community through the power and diversity of film and FutureWave gives youth from across Seattle a chance to build a new generation of film lovers.  They plan new strategies to market to their peers and create events to bring together a diverse cross section to see film they would not otherwise be exposed to.

"Why is it important? We made our first large donation to SIFF over 20 years ago, when the non-profit arm of SIFF was Cinema Seattle, and I don't think anyone asked us for a donation--we just loved the film festival and wanted to help it grow. However, I don't think we ever imagined what it has become today though--year-round programming with an assortment of mini-festivals, in addition to the main event. SIFF has become part of Seattle's cultural identity, and it's important that we not lose that. Of course, like everyone else, we have our selfish motives: we look forward to the festival every year, simply because it's a curated sampler of life, places, events and dreams from around the world that we would never get to experience otherwise, even if we were world travelers (which we're not)."

Deborah and Jeff Parsons

Film Highlights


SIFF Cinema, year-round programming


Film Highlights


Launching full time in October with a week of community-favorite film screenings that attracted over 5000 patrons, SIFF Cinema Egyptian ended the year with a milestone in SIFF Cinema history: our biggest opening film, Oscar nominee The Imitation Game.

Throughout the year, all three venues continued to bring in new audiences and grow in attendance. SIFF Cinema's huge variety of programming included acclaimed theatrical features like Interstellar, Force Majeure, Gone Girl, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and SIFF Cinema exclusives including Academy Award Winners CitizenFour and Ida; hit films Snowpiercer, The Babadook, and Walking the Camino; and a rare theatrical engagement of Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen.

SIFF Cinema is also the home to many of Seattle's film festivals, including our own curated mini-festivals Cinema Italian Style, Women In Cinema, and French Cinema Now. As is our tradition, we ended the year with holiday screenings of classic films with interactive twists, including The Princess Bride Quote Along, Willy Wonka in Smell-O-Vision, Fiddler on the Roof Sing Along, and our newest addition, the Moulin Rouge New Year's Eve Party.

40 Years of Festivals
700 Screenings
450 Films
85 Countries

In-Kind Donations

SIFF gets more in-kind donations than almost any other non-profit. It makes our budget look a lot bigger the it actually is. These in-kind donations include media sponsorship or trade, restaurants, hotels, airlines, cases of wine and booze, and vehicles to use for festivals.

Our members, the individuals & the corporations are really what fuels our organization and make everything happen.


















SIFF Board
In 2014 we had $8.5M in expenses
SIFF Board

Jim Angelo
Dialogue Pictures

Kraig L. Marini Baker
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

William Belickis
Mistral Kitchen

Kyle Cable

Sharon Conner

Christopher Conrad
Conrad & Company Photography

Katherine De Bruyn - Secretary
Retired CIO

Rich Fassio
Modern Digital

Craig Friedson
Lenati LLC

Lynn Hubbard
Community Volunteer

Donna James
Community Advocate

Seán Kreyling – Vice President

Brian LaMacchia – President
Microsoft Corporation

Scott Lipsky
Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Darryl Macdonald
Palm Springs International Film Festival

Ian G. J. MacNeil – Vice-President
Lachselian, LLC

Mary Metastasio

Richard “Richie” Meyer
Seattle University

Billy O'Neill

Deborah Person
Former Managing Director of SIFF

Michelle Quisenberry
Volterra Restaurant

Rick Rasmussen
Alaska Airlines

Mark Rosencrantz
Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP

Keith Simanton

Carl Tostevin
Scarecrow Video; Microsoft

Richard von Riesen
Partner, C3 LLC

Edwin H. Weihe
Seattle University

Sheree Wen

Peter Wilson