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16 Acres

September 13, 2013

USA | 2012 | 95 Minutes | Richard Hankin

This riveting new documentary takes you behind the scenes at the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site in New York City, one of the most architecturally, politically, and emotionally complex urban renewal projects in American history.

The rebuilding of these 16 acres has been fraught with controversy, delays and politics, and the process has encompassed eleven years, nineteen government agencies, and over 20 billion dollars. Three thousand workers are building four of the tallest skyscrapers in America, an iconic - and complicated - train station, a performing arts center and a sacred memorial and museum.

16 Acres is the story of how and why this historic project got built. At the heart of the story is the dramatic tension between noblest intentions, the desire of everyone involved to "get it right," and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of New York City.

Director: Richard Hankin
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Website: 16 Acres Official Website