Archiculture and Ghost

September 14, 2013

USA | 2013 | 45 Minutes

Two short films focusing on the teaching of design. Archiculture is a glimpse into the world of studio-based design education. Ghost looks at a unique design/build architecture program in Nova Scotia.


A thoughtful yet critical look at the architectural studio, Archiculture offers a unique glimpse into the world of studio-based, design education through the eyes of a group of students finishing their final design projects. Helping to explore this unique teaching methodology are industry professionals and educators including Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, famous for his innovative work with paper; Columbia University professor Kenneth Frampton; Maruice Cox, Director of Design for NEA; author Annie Choi; and musician/artist David Byrne.

2013 | US | Dir: David Krantz and Ian Harris | 25 Min


For more than a decade, architect Brian Mackay-Lyons has led a workshop in Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, which brings together architecture students, practicing architects, contractors, and a team of instructors from around the world. Fueled by Mackay-Lyons' unique perspective on design, education and execution, the group combines their collective knowledge and creativity in erecting their structure. The resulting project, called "Ghost", is a truly meaningful and lasting experience.

2011 | US | Dir: Soo Kim and Marcus Ricci | 20 Min

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Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 45 Minutes