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Boy and the World

O Menino e o Mundo

February 12 - 25, 2016

Brazil | 2013 | 80 minutes | Alê Abreu

SIFF Cinema Uptown | Ends Thur Feb 25
Academy Award Nominee: Best Animated Feature
Magical, unique, wordless, and utterly eye-popping, this hand-made animated tale follows a young Brazilian boy as he ventures from his simple countryside home into a carnivalesque metropolis. Overflowing with delightful visuals and exploding with vibrant color and samba/hip hop rhythms, the boy’s journey depicts the differences between village and city, punctuated by the heart and soul of the people.

“Unequivocally the best animated film of the year. Drawn with the finest ends of an artist's heartstrings and painted with the colorful essence of undefeatable hope, Abreu’s utterly lyrical, visually captivating, musically driven, and extraordinarily sophisticated treasure is the animated equivalent of a childhood dream that thrives on sweet innocence and the pure ability to see the world truthfully for its dazzling beauty and its man-made dangers.” - Indiewire

Director: Alê Abreu
Country: Brazil
Year: 2013
Running Time: 80 minutes
Music: Ruben Feffer, Gustavo Kurlat
Language: No Dialogue