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2015 Kickstarter Film Festival

October 15

USA | 120 Minutes (Approx)

SIFF Film Center | Free Screening Event
Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and be ready for some laughs and some tears — the 5th Annual Kickstarter Film Festival is coming to a theater near you. This year’s festival is bigger than ever. On one night in October, 32 theaters across the United States will screen an expertly curated selection of some of the best short and feature films funded on Kickstarter. Note: Reserved tickets do not guarantee admission. Seating will be first come first seated until the venue is full.

Seattle 48 Hour Horror Film Project

November 2

100 min (approx)

SIFF Cinema Uptown | Visiting Program
30 local filmmaking teams create 30 short horror films in only two days! Do you like to be scared? Do you love Hitchcock? Bring on the fake blood and the rumbling undercurrent sound effect and get ready for a weekend you won't forget. Filmmakers from all over the Seattle area will compete to see who can make the best horror short film in only 48 hours. Last year, Seattle won "Best Horror Film of 2015" at Filmapalooza. Check out these screenings and see if we have this year's winner as well!


October 24

France | 2015 | 82 minutes | Simon Rouby

This stunning animated feature, combining traditional painted backgrounds with clay sculpted characters, follows 12 year-old Adama, who leaves his small West African village on a quest to rescue his brother from the frontlines of WWI. Adama travels to "the land of breaths" - the village's term for war-torn Europe - for a coming-of-age odyssey that is also a tale of outstanding love, courage, and humanity. Appropriate for ages 8+.

All Eyes and Ears

September 19, 2015

China | 2014 | 90 minutes | Vanessa Hope

Director Vanessa Hope scheduled to attend. Documentary filmmaker Vanessa Hope explores the complex relations between the U.S. and China through the interlocking stories of U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman, his adopted Chinese daughter, and a blind legal advocate seeking asylum in the U.S.

The Anarchists

October 25

France | 2015 | 101 minutes | Elie Wajeman

Tahar Rahim (A Prophet) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (Blue Is the Warmest Color) star in this sweeping historical crime drama set in turn of the century Paris, where police officer Jean Albertini is tasked with infiltrating a band of anarchists, and unexpectedly falls in love with a passionate, and persuasive, member of the movement. Torn between duty and his heart, Jean will have to choose his allegiance.

The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

October 30 - November 5, 2015

2015 | 97 minutes | Various

SIFF Cinema Egyptian | One Week Only, Exclusive Presentation
Fri, Oct 30 | Curator Ron Diamond in person
Praised by Pixar founder John Lasseter as “the best place to see all the latest and greatest animated short films,” this premiere animation festival curated by Ron Diamond features 11 new international shorts–using techniques including hand-drawn, paint on glass, stop-motion, and computer-generated animation–plus four short documentary portraits featuring directors shedding light to the making of their films.

Anton Chekhov - 1890

October 23 - 28, 2015

France | 2015 | 96 minutes | René Féret

A pivotal period in the life of Russian literary master Anton Chekhov is brought to life in this expressive biographical tale. A humble Russian doctor, Chekhov (Nicolas Giraud) starts writing stories for magazines to earn extra money. As his talent gains notice, an unexpected tragedy sends him on a journey to Siberia, and the trip inspires some of his most brilliant and famous works.

The Babushkas of Chernobyl

September 19, 2015

USA | 2015 | 73 minutes | Holly Morris, Anne Bogart

Director Holly Morris scheduled to attend. In the isolated post-nuclear disaster "dead zone" of Chernobyl, an unlikely community of women have survived for the past 30 years, cultivating the toxic earth and tangling with an assortment of interlopers, all while maintaining an heroic blend of resilience and independence.

Big Stone Gap

September 20, 2015

USA | 2014 | 96 | Adriana Trigiani

Adapted from her best-selling novel, writer/director Adriana Trigiani tells a tale of family secrets and self-discovery in an Appalachian coal-mining town of the late 1970's. The award-winning ensemble cast includes Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Krakowski, Jenna Elfman, and Patrick Wilson.

Black Mass

Now Playing

USA | 2015 | 122 | Scott Cooper

SIFF Cinema Uptown | Ends Thu Oct 8
Johnny Depp stars in a critically acclaimed performance as notorious Boston mobster James Whitey Bulger in this gripping true-life crime drama from director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart). Co-stars Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Dakota Johnson, and Kevin Bacon.

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