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A Year in Champagne

March 9

USA | 2014 | 82 min | David Kennard

Ah, the essence of champagne: a cork explodes, tiny bubbles float in the glass, and then, indulgence. Follow renowned wine importer Martine Saunier on a rare glimpse behind the scenes to meet the producers of this world renowned beverage. Post film Q&A with Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen, head sommelier for RN47.

Above and Beyond

March 21

87 minutes |

Roberta Grossman | Documentary | 2014 | USA | English
The gripping story of the mostly-American WWII pilots who fought in Israel’s War of Independence.

All City Youth Media

Filmmaking workshops with schools and community-based organizations throughout Seattle.

Almost Friends

March 17

60 minutes |

Teen Screen: Teens ½ price ($6) w/paying adult! Discount available in person.
Nitzan Ofir & Barak Heymann | Documentary | 2014 | Israel | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles
When a Jewish and an Arab tween meet online, they form a surprising friendship.

The Art Dealer

March 18

95 minutes |

François Margolin | Thriller | 2014 | France | French w/subtitles
A chance encounter with a stolen painting leads Esther to investigate her family’s secret past in this stylish thriller.