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Farewell Baghdad (aka The Dove Flyer)

March 15

108 minutes |

Nissim Dayan | Drama | 2014 | Israel | Arabic w/English subtitles
A teen living in 1950s Baghdad joins the Zionist movement and helps Iraqi Jews immigrate to Israel.

Sephardic echar lashon (Ladino for coffee klatch with biscochos) in the AMC Lobby after the film.

First Draft

March 9

110 minutes |

The First Draft screenplay series offers local screenwriters the opportunity to stage readings of their work using professional actors in front of a live audience, followed by feedback from industry insiders and audience members, alike. The scripts for Monday, March 9 will be The Little Drummer Grrrl written by Jess Grant and Czar of Detroit by Guy Steele and Arthur Rains-McNally.

Frances Ha

March 25

USA | 2013 | 86 min | Noah Baumbach

Growing Up Baumbach: Late 20's, Confusion, and Finding Yourself | Frances, a post-college aspiring dancer, struggles after her best friend falls in love and moves out. Baumbach collaborated with co-writer/star Greta Gerwig for this candid but loving look at a generation coming of age.
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