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Seattle Turkish Film Festival

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Inaugurated in 2012 by TACAWA Film Committee, Seattle Turkish Film Festival has become one of the most admired and venerated events of Turkish American Cultural Association of Washington.

7 Husbands for Hurmuz

November 22, 2014

149 minutes |

Seattle Turkish Film Festival
Remake of a well-known musical comedy, the film is about the adventures of flirtatious Hurmuz in late 1800s Istanbul: She has six husbands in a plot to make ends meet and then she falls in with the seventh. One night all six husbands come home at the same time, it becomes awkward... very awkward.

All City Youth Media

Filmmaking workshops with schools and community-based organizations throughout Seattle.

Are We OK?

November 21, 2014

92 minutes |

Seattle Turkish Film Festival
The key to the puzzle of forlorn sculpture Temmuz's life and reality of his dreams lies within Ihsan—a young boy with tetra-amelia syndrome (absence of limbs, malformation of other body parts)

Art and Craft

November 17, 2014

USA | 2014 | 89 Minutes | Jennifer Grausman, Sam Cullman

This crowd-pleasing documentary is both character study and detective story that follows the career of Mark Landis, one of the most prolific and unlikely art forgers in modern history.

The Babadook

December 5 - 11, 2014

Australia | 2014 | 94 minutes | Jennifer Kent

The most terrifying and popular Midnight Adrenaline program from SIFF 2014 returns! When a mother finds a picture book entitled “Mister Babadook” among her son’s possessions, it portends a chilling, spectral descent into fear and paranoia.

The Big Lebowski with Jim Emerson

September 20, 2014

USA | 1998 | 360 minutes | Joel Coen

The Big Lebowski goes under the analytical knife with a six-hour audience-fueled examination of what makes this film extraordinary. Join guest facilitator and film critic Jim Emerson as we work together scene-by-scene and often shot-by-shot through the symbolism, homage, and genius of the Coen Brothers cult masterpiece.

Children of Men with Georg Koszulinski

October 25, 2014

USA | 2006 | 360 minutes | Alfonso Cuarón

Cinema Dissection

Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men is well known as a contemporary intersection between emotional investment and technical precision. With guest facilitator and Seattle University film faculty member Georg Koszulinski leading this six hour session, the audience will work scene-by-scene through the film to unlock the creative choices that make the film a masterpiece.

Cinema Dissection

Cinema Dissection affords film lovers an exciting opportunity to dig deeper into the films that they love. Over six hours, an expert facilitator will share the stage with audience observations as they work scene-by-scene through a great film.


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USA | 2014 | 120 Minutes | Laura Poitras

In January 2013, filmmaker Laura Poitras received encrypted e-mails from someone identified only as "citizen four" who claimed to have information about covert surveillance programs run by US government agencies. This informant became one of the most divisive figures in modern political history: Edward Snowden.

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