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July 12

Czech Republic | 2014 | 120 minutes | Viktor Tauš

In this touching and comic look at taking chances late in life and having the last laugh, a retired clown returns to his hometown of Prague and reunites with the other members of his estranged trio. Can these aging clowns reconcile their differences and rediscover their past friendship in time for the final performance?

Fair Play

July 10

Czech Republic | 2014 | 100 minutes | Andrea Sedláčková

This year's official Czech entry for the Academy Awards, and nominee for 15 Czech Lion Awards (including Best Film, Director, Actor, and Actress), this intimate drama follows talented teen sprinter Anna, who is gunning for a spot on the 1984 Czech Olympic team when she is placed by her trainers in a "special care" program – one which administers medical enhancements to boost her performance.

The Icing

July 11

Czech Republic | 2014 | 81 minutes | Jan Hrebejk

Director Jan Hřebejk (Honeymoon, Kawasaki’s Rose) brings his trademark satirical bent to this explosive comedy set in a small-town pub, where a kidnapped bride, a rebellious bridesmaid, and a female bartender come together for a nose-thumbing, hard-drinking bender.


July 11

Czech Republic | 2014 | 119 minutes | Ondřej Sokol

This Coen Brothers inspired neo-noir comedy introduces two childhood friends who return home for a high-school reunion and after a round of drunken havoc become entwined in an amateur murder investigation that dredges up some undiscovered family secrets.

To See The Sea

July 7

Czech Republic | 2014 | 90 minutes | Jiří Mádl

Opening Night Presentaion with director Jiří Mádl in person! An 11-year-old receives a camera for his birthday and, with dreams of becoming the next Miloš Forman, decides to secretly make a movie about his father. In the process, he finds out more about himself and the world around him than he ever imagined.

Václav Havel – A Life in Freedom

July 10

Czech Republic | 2014 | 71 minutes | Andrea Sedláčková

The 1989 Velvet Revolution was led by Václav Havel, a playwright and poet who became Czechoslovakia’s first democratically elected president and one of the great figures of twentieth century Europe. Director Andrea Sedláĉková maps Havel’s life with extensive film clips and interviews to fashion an elegant portrait of a bohemian artist whose life below and then above ground was rich in paradoxes.