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2001: A Space Odyssey

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United Kingdom | 1968 | 160 minutes | Stanley Kubrick

One of the most exquisite examples of the power of cinema to explore the nature of intelligence and humanity, Stanley Kubrick’s visionary space travel film, based on the story by Arthur C. Clarke, is still relevant after all these years–and not to be missed on the big screen.

5Point Film On the Road

February 19, 2015

180 Minutes |

A fundraiser for the American Alpine Club, the American Avalanche Association, and American Whitewater. 11 short films filled with an adventurous spirit that will inspire you to get off the couch, pack your van and embark on a new adventure. Sound incredible? It will be.

A Year in Champagne

March 9

USA | 2014 | 82 min | David Kennard

Ah, the essence of champagne: a cork explodes, tiny bubbles float in the glass, and then, indulgence. Follow renowned wine importer Martine Saunier on a rare glimpse behind the scenes to meet the producers behind this world renowned beverage, from small independent makers where every bottle is still turned by hand, to the illustrious grand houses of Gosset and Bollinger.

Above and Beyond

March 21

87 minutes |

Roberta Grossman | Documentary | 2014 | USA | English
The gripping story of the mostly-American WWII pilots who fought in Israel’s War of Independence.

All City Youth Media

Filmmaking workshops with schools and community-based organizations throughout Seattle.

Almost Friends

March 17

60 minutes |

Teen Screen: Teens ½ price ($6) w/paying adult! Discount available in person.
Nitzan Ofir & Barak Heymann | Documentary | 2014 | Israel | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles
When a Jewish and an Arab tween meet online, they form a surprising friendship.

The Art Dealer

March 18

95 minutes |

François Margolin | Thriller | 2014 | France | French w/subtitles
A chance encounter with a stolen painting leads Esther to investigate her family’s secret past in this stylish thriller.

Belle & Sebastien

February 28, 2015

France | 2013 | 99 minutes | Nicolas Vanier

Seattle International Film Festival 2014 Youth Jury Award for Best Films4Families Feature: Grand Jury Prize | An inspiring story of a boy and his dog who guide Jewish refugees to safety across the alps, Belle et Sébastien is a charming homage to the beloved live-action nature films of Disney, but with a pulse-pounding World War II subplot that will thrill audiences of all ages.

The Big Lebowski with Jim Emerson

September 20, 2014

USA | 1998 | 360 minutes | Joel Coen

The Big Lebowski goes under the analytical knife with a six-hour audience-fueled examination of what makes this film extraordinary. Join guest facilitator and film critic Jim Emerson as we work together scene-by-scene and often shot-by-shot through the symbolism, homage, and genius of the Coen Brothers cult masterpiece.

A Borrowed Identity (aka Dancing Arabs)

March 15

105 minutes |

Eran Riklis | Drama | 2014 | France, Germany, Israel | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles
An Arab teen struggles to find his identity in the complicated political climate of 1980s Israel.

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