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Children of Men with Georg Koszulinski

October 25, 2014

USA | 2006 | 360 minutes | Alfonso Cuarón

Cinema Dissection

Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men is well known as a contemporary intersection between emotional investment and technical precision. With guest facilitator and Seattle University film faculty member Georg Koszulinski leading this six hour session, the audience will work scene-by-scene through the film to unlock the creative choices that make the film a masterpiece.

Cinema Dissection

Cinema Dissection affords film lovers an exciting opportunity to dig deeper into the films that they love. Over six hours, an expert facilitator will share the stage with audience observations as they work scene-by-scene through a great film.

Crash Cinema Film Challenge

March 21

Crash Cinema is a bi-monthly filmmaking challenge. Can you create a compelling, cohesive film in just eight hours? Find out at SIFF's Crash Cinema.

Crash Kids

February 21, 2015

Crash Kids is a non-competitive movie production challenge that takes participants from movie concept to movie screening over the course of a day. Attending children (aged 8 - 12) work with a professional media educator to create a short film in collaboration with other children in just eight hours.

Crash Student

March 7

Crash Student is based on the Crash Cinema filmmaking challenge fine tuned for high school and college students. Can you create a compelling, cohesive film in just eight hours? Find out at SIFF and NFFTY's Crash Student. On March 7, SIFF is partnering with Adobe Youth Voices to "Create With Purpose" making films that address subjects which effect students and their community.

David Broza: East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

March 21

75 minutes |

Henrique Cymerman & Erez Miller | Documentary | 2014 | Israel | English
Celebrated Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza records an album in East Jerusalem with Israeli, Palestinian, and American musicians to promote peace through music.

Dial M For Murder 3D

March 15

USA | 1954 | 105 Minutes | Alfred Hitchcock

Ray Milland has plans to murder his wife Grace Kelley, but when it goes awry (one word: scissors!), he cooks up an even more diabolical plan-B. This meticulous new digital restoration vividly brings out the film's color and stereoscopic photography as never before, showcasing Hitchcock's masterful use of the 3D format.

Dwarves Kingdom

March 12

USA | 2015 | 80 Minutes | Matthew Salton

Director Matthew Salton joins us in person for his look inside "The Kingdom of Little People," a theme park in China whose performers all have dwarfism. A vérité peek behind the scenes at this controversial attraction, the film introduces the real human stories of the performers, as well as the attraction's exploitative creator and manager.

Eraserhead with David Johnson

March 14

USA | 1977 | David Lynch

Eraserhead. Iconic, beautiful, and horrifying. It's the work which launched David's Lynch's storied career, and the term “Lynchian.” Yet, after 37 years, the film itself remains a mystery. Often described as inscrutable, the director himself recently stated that no one, to date, has come up with his interpretation of the film. David Johnson leads our dive into making sense of Lynch's toughest nut.

Farewell Baghdad (aka The Dove Flyer)

March 15

108 minutes |

Nissim Dayan | Drama | 2014 | Israel | Arabic w/English subtitles
A teen living in 1950s Baghdad joins the Zionist movement and helps Iraqi Jews immigrate to Israel.

Sephardic echar lashon (Ladino for coffee klatch with biscochos) in the AMC Lobby after the film.

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