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Moulin Rouge! New Year’s Eve Sing Along

December 31

USA | 2001 | 127 Minutes | Baz Luhrmann

Ring in 2015 with Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love! – Dec 31

Ring in a new year filled with truth, beauty, freedom, and capital-L Love with Baz Luhrmann's musical extravaganza. Sing along, wave your free bling rings in the air, and celebrate the Bohemian lifestyle while sipping a glass of liquid diamonds (champagne). C'mon and do the can-can-can! 

Nordic Shorts

January 16

87 minutes |

Nordic Lights Film Festival

NT Live: John

January 10 - 11, 2015

United Kingdom | 2014 | 120 Minutes | Lloyd Newson

Internationally renowned DV8 Physical Theatre combine movement and spoken word in this intense and moving true-life story about a troubled man searching for connection.

The Optimists

January 15 - 17, 2015

Norway | 2013 | 90 minutes | Gunhild Westhagen Magnor

Nordic Lights Film Festival
The Optimists is a moving, humorous and absorbing documentary film about an extraordinary volleyball team in Hamar town, consisting of ladies between 66 and 98 years of age.

Opening Reception hosted by SWEA, Thursday, January 15, 6 PM
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor and cast member Anne-Grethe Westhagen will be attending the opening.

The Princess Bride Quote Along

Now Playing

USA | 1987 | 98 Minutes | Rob Reiner

The beloved swashbuckling fairy tale returns to the big screen complete with quote along subtitles for all the best lines, free inflatable swords, and R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size). 


January 17

Norway | 2013 | 96 minutes | Mikkel Brænne Sandemose

Nordic Lights Film Festival
An archeologist obsessed with ancient Viking myth stumbles upon the discovery of a lifetime in this good old fashioned creature feature adventure that's fun for the whole family.

Raspberry Boat Refugee

January 18

Finland | 2014 | 93 minutes | Leif Lindblom

Nordic Lights Film Festival
The Raspberry Boat Refugee is a comedy of a Swedish man trapped in the body of a Finn.

Reefer Madness

January 30

USA | 1936 | 96 Minutes | Louis J. Gasnier

This vintage camp drug scare film (which later became an off-Broadway musical) warns that "killer weed" is more dangerous than any other drug, and shows how dopers lure children into an enslavement of dancing and piano playing. Horror of horrors! Preceded by another classic pot-poganda film, 1968's "Marijuana," hosted by Sonny Bono.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

December 20, 2014

USA | 1975 | 100 minutes | Jim Sharman

Don't dream it, be it! Join us for the ultimate midnight movie experience filled with camp, horror, sex, music, audience participation, and general insanity. With live shadow casting by Vicarious Theatre Company and interactive prop bags available for purchase.

Sámi Shorts

January 18

76 minutes |

Nordic Lights Film Festival
A suite of short films presenting different points of view from the Sámi community—the indigenous peoples of Scandinavia.

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