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The Tournament

October 22

France | 2015 | 83 minutes | Elodie Namer

An international chess tournament becomes the setting of a compelling psychological thriller, when a 22-year-old French mastermind finds that his chief adversary is an unknown 11-year-old prodigy, leading to his emotional unraveling.


Opens: October 16

Germany | 2015 | 139 Minutes | Sebastian Schipper

SIFF Cinema Egyptian | Exclusive Presentation
Set during the pulse-pounding night of a young woman in Berlin–and shot in real time in a single take–this fiercely original heist movie follows Spanish ex-pat Victoria, who meets a group of young men while out clubbing, and follows them on a wild ride into the city's criminal underbelly.

Wild Life

October 29

France | 2014 | 114 minutes | Cédric Kahn

Based on a true story, and produced by the Dardenne Brothers, this tale of a father's reckless but all-consuming love follows married couple Carole and Philippe (Céline Sallette and Mathieu Kassovitz, both giving riveting performances) who renounce civilization and lead a nomadic life in their caravan. But when Carole tires of their itinerant lifestyle and moves back to the city, Philippe refuses to allow his sons to be raised according to the societal codes he abhors.

You Sleep Nicole

October 23

Canada (Québec) | 2014 | 93 minutes | Stéphane Lafleur

Filmed in gorgeous black and white, the latest feature from Québécois director Stéphane Lafleur is a slice of life comedy about summer indolence. 22-year-old Nicole is fresh out of college, and plans to spend the summer hanging out her best friend Véronique. But things take an unexpected turn when a heatwave, Nicole's growing insomnia, the persistent courtship of a 10-year-old boy, and a visiting rock band put their friendship to the test.

Young Tiger

October 29

France | 2015 | 87 minutes | Cyprien Vial

Set in Paris' suburban Sikh community, this drama features newcomer Harmandeep Palminder in a touching lead performance as a 17-year old boy from Punjab, India, who is trying to lead the life of a typical teenager, yet finds a crushing responsibility to financially support his parents in India pushes him into unprecedented danger.