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5Point Film On the Road

February 19, 2015

180 Minutes |

A fundraiser for the American Alpine Club, the American Avalanche Association, and American Whitewater. 11 short films filled with an adventurous spirit that will inspire you to get off the couch, pack your van and embark on a new adventure. Sound incredible? It will be.

Above and Beyond

March 21

87 minutes |

Roberta Grossman | Documentary | 2014 | USA | English
The gripping story of the mostly-American WWII pilots who fought in Israel’s War of Independence.

Almost Friends

March 17

60 minutes |

Teen Screen: Teens ½ price ($6) w/paying adult! Discount available in person.
Nitzan Ofir & Barak Heymann | Documentary | 2014 | Israel | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles
When a Jewish and an Arab tween meet online, they form a surprising friendship.

The Art Dealer

March 18

95 minutes |

François Margolin | Thriller | 2014 | France | French w/subtitles
A chance encounter with a stolen painting leads Esther to investigate her family’s secret past in this stylish thriller.

A Borrowed Identity (aka Dancing Arabs)

March 15

105 minutes |

Eran Riklis | Drama | 2014 | France, Germany, Israel | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles
An Arab teen struggles to find his identity in the complicated political climate of 1980s Israel.

David Broza: East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

March 21

75 minutes |

Henrique Cymerman & Erez Miller | Documentary | 2014 | Israel | English
Celebrated Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza records an album in East Jerusalem with Israeli, Palestinian, and American musicians to promote peace through music.

Farewell Baghdad (aka The Dove Flyer)

March 15

108 minutes |

Nissim Dayan | Drama | 2014 | Israel | Arabic w/English subtitles
A teen living in 1950s Baghdad joins the Zionist movement and helps Iraqi Jews immigrate to Israel.

Sephardic echar lashon (Ladino for coffee klatch with biscochos) in the AMC Lobby after the film.

Gay Gezunt! A GLBTQ Film Series

March 15

69 minutes |

In Yiddish, "gay gezunt" means "don't worry, so long as you're healthy." This series features 2 Academy Award nominated shorts, <i>Facing Fear</i> (USA, 2013) and <i>Summer Vacation</i> (Israel 2012), <i>The Seder</i> (Canada, 2013) and <i>Zazaland</i> (Israel, 2014).

Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem

March 21

116 minutes |

Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz | Drama | 2014 | France, Germany, Israel | French, Hebrew w/subtitles
An Israeli woman seeking to finalize her divorce finds herself effectively put on trial by Israel’s religiously based marriage laws in this Golden Globe®-nominated film.

Holy Land

March 15

78 minutes |

AJC Bridge Series
Peter Cohn | Documentary | 2013 | USA | Arabic, Hebrew w/subtitles

A gripping, unbiased, complex look at the daily lives and diverse perspectives of several West Bank residents.

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