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The Day of the Crows

Le jour des corneilles

France | 2012 | 95 minutes | Jean-Christophe Dessaint

This visually lush hand-drawn animated feature takes place in an enchanted forest, where a gruff ogre-like giant named Pumpkin has raised his young son in isolation. Now, in a quest to help his ailing father, the boy must travel beyond the forest. October 26.

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Once the young boy leaves the forest, he befriends a young girl and witnesses the wonders of human civilization, discovers the truth about his family’s past, and learns about the brave struggle he must undergo to reingnite his father's love. Based on a novel by Canadian writer Jean-François Beauchemin, the first film from animator Jean-Christophe Dessaint film features a stunning cast of voice talent that includes Jean Reno, Lorànt Deutsch, Isabelle Carré and French New Wave director Claude Chabrol.

Recommended ages: 7 and up.

Director: Jean-Christophe Dessaint
Principal Cast: Jean Reno, Lorànt Deutsch, Isabelle Carré,
Country: France, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg
Year: 2012
Running Time: 95 minutes
Language: French
HasSubTitles: Yes
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