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Desperately Seeking Susan

October 15, 2013

USA | 1985 | 104 Minutes | Susan Seidelman

Desperately seeking Susan. Meet me, four o'clock, Battery Park. Keep the faith. Love, Jim.

Madonna gets "Into the Groove" in her first film role (after the underground film A Certain Sacrifice) as Susan, a free-spirited street-style 80s bohemian who becomes the obsession of a bored housewife (Roseanna Arquette). Madonna not only stars in the film, she injected her own material girl sensibilities - supplying her own wardrobe, her own hair and makeup, and her own New York club girl attitude (the character was originally written as an aging hippie). Susan Seidelman's spirited caper is still full of urban 80s sass, and watch for scene makers Ann Magnuson, Richard Hell, and John Lurie, as well as early performances from John Turturro and Giancarlo Esposito.

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Director: Susan Seidelman
Principal Cast: Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Madonna, Robert Joy, Laurie Metcalf
Country: USA
Year: 1985
Running Time: 104 Minutes
Music: Madonna
Format: 35 mm
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