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WTF Wednesdays Wednesdays in August

Weird, wild, cult, genre, and truly WTF cinema experiences.

Troll 2

USA | 1990 | 95 Minutes

Subject of the documentary Best Worst Movie, this totally insane low-budget horror movie tells the story of a family trapped in the town of Nilbog (read it backwards!) and terrorized by a horde of angry vegetarian goblins.

Trailer Trash

| 90 Minutes

We've culled the SIFF archive for a collection of the trashiest, wildest, and most WTF vintage 35mm movie trailers, which we're serving up along with free Cheez Whiz and Twinkies.

August 13
SIFF Film Center

Motivational Growth

USA | 2013 | 104 Minutes

This gross-out psycho-horror from Seattle-based Imagos Films follows a man who is slowly driven insane by the evil, talking mold in his bathroom - voiced by the legendary cult movie actor Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator).

August 20
SIFF Cinema Uptown

VHS Night: Heavenly Bodies

USA | 1984 | 180 Minutes

Curated by Seattle filmmakers Megan Griffiths and Lacey Leavitt, VHS Night features craptastic films the way they were meant to be seen: via used VHS tapes played through a shoddy old VCR. This time, we get fit with the ultimate aerobics movie, Heavenly Bodies.

August 27
SIFF Film Center