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From Nothing, Something

September 14, 2013

USA | 2012 | 79 Minutes | Tim Cawley

This enlightening documentary profiles creative thinkers across a spectrum of disciplines and finds the methods, habits, beliefs and neuroses that lead to breakthrough ideas.

Everyone has ideas. But where do they come from, what ensures they keep coming, and how do you sort the genius ideas from the useless ones? This thoughtful, intimate, and often funny look at the creative process comes straight from the brains of some of our culture's most accomplished and inspiring talents. Subjects include architect Preston Scott Cohen, musician Sara Quin (Tegan & Sara), novelist Tom Perrotta, creature designer Neville Page (Avatar), comedian Maria Bamford, video game designer Jason Rohrer, and many more.

Director: Tim Cawley
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Running Time: 79 Minutes
Website: Official Film Website