Love... in the Afternoon

August 31, 2014

44 minutes

It's a little different for everyone.

Packaged Films

The Crumb of It

d. T.J. Misny | USA | 15min.
When a stand-up comic begins dating a successful pastry chef, she doggedly attempts to conquer her long-held, irrational phobia of cake.

Listening Is an Act of Love

d. The Rauch Brothers | USA | 23min.
An animated film featuring six stories from 10 years of StoryCorps, where everyday people sit down together to share memories and tackle life's important questions.

Life's a Bitch

d. Francois Jaros | Canada (Québec) | 6min.
Love. Grief. Shock. Denial. A portrait of a break up in five minutes.

Running Time: 44 minutes