Love... In the Afternoon

Sunday, September 1, 2:00pm | SIFF Film Center

It's a little different for everyone.

Side Effects
d: Traven Rice USA 2012, 20 min
A young woman, desperate for money, enters a risky month-long drug trial. In isolation from friends and family, she is taken on a strange journey that is both harrowing and life changing.

d: Richard Garcia Spain 2012, 4 min
There's more than one method to counting the ways you love someone.

A Little Something on the Side
d: Stephen Tobolowsky USA 2012, 14 min
The film tells the story of Larry and his rigid wife Cordelia and the conflict and craziness that ensues when Larry tries to break out from under his wife's watchful eye. All Larry wants to do is let loose and with the help of a few sympathetic co-workers, he gets the chance.

Dream Girl
d: Tulica Singh USA 2012, 6 min
Laura is about to marry Daniela, the girl of her dreams, when she realizes she is actually dreaming.