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It Always Rains on Sunday

February 16, 2014

United Kingdom | 1947 | 92 Minutes | Robert Gova

An escaped convict tries to hide out at his former lover's house but she has since married and is far from keen on the idea.

Director: Robert Gova
Principal Cast: Googie Withers, Edward Chapman, Susan Shaw, Patricia Plunkett, David Lines
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1947
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Producer: Michael Balcon
Screenplay: Robert Hamer, Henry Cornelius, Angus McPhail, from the book by Arthur La Bern
Cinematographers: Douglas Slocombe
Editors: Michael Truman
Music: Georges Auric
Filmography: Le Corbeau (1943), The Wages of Fear (1953), Diabolique (1955)
Format: 35 mm
US Distributor: Rialto Pictures
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