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The Murderers Are Among Us

Die Mörder sind unter uns

February 16, 2014

Germany | 1946 | 85 Minutes | Wolfgang Staudte

A doctor, haunted by his service as a Nazi, falls in love with a camp survivor, but is compelled to seek vengeance on his commanding officer.

The first German film to directly deal with the wounds of WWII. Stark, symbolic, and stunning. Hildegarde Knef and Wilhelm Borchert star.

Director: Wolfgang Staudte
Principal Cast: Hildegard Knef, Elly Burgmer, Erna Sellmer
Country: Germany
Year: 1946
Running Time: 85 Minutes
Screenplay: Wolfgang Staudte
Cinematographers: Friedl Behn-Grund, Eugen Klagemann
Editors: Hans Heinrich
Music: Ernst Roters
Filmography: Rotation (1949), Roses for the Prosecutor (1959)
Language: German
HasSubTitles: Yes
Rating: 35 mm
US Distributor: Deutsche Film (DEFA)
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