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Une si jolie petite plage

February 17, 2014

France | 1949 | 91 Minutes | Yves Allégret

A mysterious young man (Gerard Philipe) visits a desolate coastal town during a bleak winter, soon followed by another watchful, curious stranger.

Gradually, the boy's connection to the town and his dark secret is revealed. A quintessentially French approach to Noir.

Director: Yves Allégret
Principal Cast: Madeleine Robinson, Gérard Philipe, Jean Servais
Country: France
Year: 1949
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Producer: Émile Darbon
Screenplay: Jacques Sigurd
Cinematographers: Henri Alekan
Editors: Léonide Azar
Music: Maurice Thiriet
Filmography: Dédée d’Anvers (1948), Les Orgueilleux (1953)
Language: French
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