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Rich Hill

August 15 - 24, 2014

USA | 2013 | 91 Minutes | Andrew Droz Palermo , Tracy Droz Tragos

Held over: Fri-Sun only! | This Sundance Grand Jury-winning documentary is a look inside the homes and lives of small-town, rural America, where isolated kids confront heart-breaking choices, marginalized parents struggle to survive, and, despite it all, families cling to the promise of equal opportunity and a better life some day.

Rich Hill, Missouri could be any of the countless small towns that blanket America's heartland, but to teenagers Andrew, Harley and Appachey, it's home. As they ride their skateboards and go to football practice, they are like millions of other boys coming of age the world over. But faced with difficult circumstances - isolation, instability, and parental unemployment - adolescence can be a daily struggle just to survive.

With no road map and all evidence to the contrary, they cling to the hope that even they can live the American dream. Winner of the 2014 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Rich Hill is an irresistibly moving and inspirational portrait of the challenges, hopes and dreams of rural America's youth.

"A truly moving and edifying film…could and should be put in a time capsule for future generations." - Katie Walsh, The Playlist

"Often heartbreaking, Rich Hill presents real-life as few filmgoers know it." - The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Andrew Droz Palermo , Tracy Droz Tragos
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Website: Official Film Website