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Slow Food Story

November 17, 2013

Italy | 2013 | 73 minutes | Stefano Sardo

In 1986, Carlo Petrini founded the ArciGola Gastronomic Association in Italy and three years later in Paris, launched Slow Food, an international anti-fast-food resistance movement. An ebullient presence, Carlìn, as he is affectionately known around the globe, has become an ambassador for thinking about food differently. 

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From the tiny town of Bra, home to some 27,000 inhabitants, the Slow Food movement has grown to become a revolution, that now has roots in more than 150 countries. Cheese-makers, vintners, and artisanal food folk, toast Slow Food for bringing about a change in consciousness that shook the very foundation of gastronomy. Director Stefano Sardo brings a decidedly down home approach, as he follows Carlo and his close-knit group of friends, from their earliest days as political radicals, to later struggles with unexpected tragedy. A joyous romp of a film, filled with all manner of delectable scenes of food, drink and song, Slow Food amply demonstrates that adventure is best served in heaping helpings.

Director: Stefano Sardo
Principal Cast: Carlo Petrini, Azio Citi
Country: Italy
Year: 2013
Running Time: 73 minutes
Producer: Carlotta Calori, Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano
Screenplay: Stefano Sardo
Cinematographers: Giuseppe Gallo, Giovanni Giommi
Editors: Stefano Cravero
Music: Valerio Vigliar
Language: Italian
HasSubTitles: Yes
International Sales: Autlook Filmsales
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