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La tendresse

Belgium | 2013 | 81 minutes | Marion Hänsel

A film of both small moments and grand themes, Marion Hänsel's delicate and funny road movie brings a long-divorced couple back together, as they put their differences aside to help their only child. October 26.

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Separated for 15 years, though still in touch, the two immediately drop everything and set off for the day-long drive through the Alps to the resort. What do they still feel for one another? Indifference, rancour, jealousy? Or perhaps complicity, friendship and love? Tenderness is a compassionate, warm-hearted and richly sincere study of longtime love and affection.

Director: Marion Hänsel
Principal Cast: Olivier Gourmet, Marilyne Canto, Adrien Jolivet
Country: Belgium, France
Year: 2013
Running Time: 81 minutes
Language: French
HasSubTitles: Yes
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