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The Hunger

September 24, 2013

United Kingdom | 1983 | 96 Minutes | Tony Scott

She's that kind of a woman. She's... European.

Catherine Deneuve stars as Miriam Blaylock, an Egyptian vampire who, along with her immortal companion John (David Bowie), bide their time in New York City teaching classical music as a cover for their bloodthirsty nightlife. When John suddenly starts rapidly aging, he seeks the help of gerontologist Dr. Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon), and soon the good doctor gets embroiled in an undead love triangle centuries in the making. Look for a cameo from a fresh-faced (but still creepy) Willem Dafoe, an early appearance from New York actress/musician/artist Ann Magnuson, and an opening credts sequence from goth rock legends Bauhaus. This "modern classic of perverse fear" (so says the trailer) is not merely the source material for the 1997 softcore Canadian television series of the same name, but also marks Tony Scott’s feature film debut, long before he would explode our brains with action epics like Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide, and The Last Boy Scout. - Marcus Gorman

Director: Tony Scott
Principal Cast: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1983
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Format: DCP