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Those Happy Years

Anni Felici

November 20, 2013

Italy | 2013 | 100 minutes | Daniele Luchetti

A touching and insightful new drama from writer-director Daniele Luchetti, where a narcissistic artist finds his self-satisfied world turned upside down in the wake of a disastrous exhibition and his wife’s extramarital inclinations, in this flashback to the roiling Italian 1970s.

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The film centers on a narcissistic artist, Guido (Kim Rossi Stuart), who rambles around his studio in the company of a bevy of attractive young women, arousing the jealousy and anger of his devoted wife, Serena (Micaela Ramazzotti), who is rapidly tiring of her husband's peccadilloes. Thanks to the help of a gallery owner, an attractive middle-aged woman, Guido gets an important commission for an art show in Milan, which somehow goes disastrously wrong. Accused of lack of passion by a local art critics, Guido becomes extremely sensitive to criticism of any sort, and is taken aback when his wife reveals that she is taking the kids off to a feminist retreat in France at the invitation of the same gallery owner who pushed his career forward. This vacation turns Guido's life upside down and forces him to confront all those things that have limited his art. Used to being in the driver's seat, our self-engaged artist finds out that life can indeed provide comeuppances of a surprising kind.

Luchetti is a fine writer of dialogue and a wonderful judge of character and situation. In this contemporary look at a marriage in crisis, he elicits excellent performances from two of Italy's best-known actors, and effortlessly steers this story away from the melodramatic and toward territory rich with sincere emotion and empathy.

Director: Daniele Luchetti
Principal Cast: Kim Rossi Stuart, Micaela Ramazzotti, Martina Gedeck
Country: Italy
Year: 2013
Running Time: 100 minutes
Producer: Giovanni Stabilini , Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz
Screenplay: Sandro Petraglia, Daniele Luchetti, Stefano Rulli, Caterina Venturini
Cinematographers: Claudio Collepiccolo
Editors: Mirco Garrone, Francesco Garrone
Music: Franco Piersanti
Language: Italian
HasSubTitles: Yes
International Sales: Celluloid Dreams
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