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Design In Short featuring Maker

September 14, 2014

SIFF joins this year’s Seattle Design Festival with an evening of entertaining, informative short films about a variety of design missions and projects: including the work of inspiring designers and craftsmen, the intersection of dance and architecture, the history of iconic public-use structures, and a new feature on the rise of the Maker Movement.

Design in Short is a two hour program that features urban dancers performing on New York City’s newest skyscrapers (Skyscape and Sciame Winter), the history of Finland’s public phone booths (Puhelinkoppi (1882-2007)), a look at the creators iconic typography (Font Men), a peek inside a stunning private home designed to also be a public art museum (Lyon Housemuseum), a contemplative travelogue of iconic Parisian architecture (Errance), the design and craft behind in a stunning light installation (Making of Montreux), and a message of inspiration from Ira Glass (The Gap).

The program concludes with Maker, the new hour-long documentary about the rise of the “do-it-yourself” movement from director Mu-Ming Tsai (whose previous film Design & Thinking was featured in our 2012 Seattle Design Festival program).

Skyscape and Sciame Winter
US | 8 minutes | Dir: Yoram Savion, Kash Gaines & Ben Tarquin

Puhelinkoppi (1882-2007)
US | 7 min | Dir: Hope Tucker

Font Men
US | 7 min | Dir: Dress Code

Lyon Housemuseum
Australia | 9 min | Dir: Kerry Gardner

Making of Montreux Jazz Festival Light Installation
France | 7 minutes | Dir: Cauboyz

The Gap by Ira Glass
Germany | 2 min | Dir: Daniel Sax

France | 14 Minutes | Dir: Thomas Bobrowski

US | 65 min | Dir: Mu-Ming Tsai
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Running Time: 120 Minutes