FutureWave Committee

In 2010, SIFF formed a dynamic youth advisory committee comprised of 20 students aged 15 to 20 from 18 different schools across the Puget Sound region. These young adults of the FutureWave Committee foster community among peer-aged film enthusiasts by making films accessible, planning events, promoting awareness, and creating year-round programming.

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Meet the 2013-2014 FutureWave Committee

Amelia is graduating from Bellevue College this year, and is planning to move to LA by next year, living off Top Ramen in order to pursue her dreams of being a filmmaker. She has volunteered for NFFTY since 2009, and now is a Futurewave member. She desires to use her passion for film to influence youth to participate in SIFF.

Anastasia is an Israeli 18 year old who lives in the Seattle suburbs. Her favorite films are Fight Club and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. She loves SIFF because it is a place that accepts everyone and makes every person feel like they belong.

Fate is a Senior at Garfield High School with an authentically long last name and a nearly constant desire to drink hot chocolate. To him, cinema is magic, and finding true magic is rare. He is also in many theatrical shows at Garfield, so feel free to check them out! Or watch a movie, either way he'll be happy.

Frances is a Senior at Holy Names Academy and is a second year member of Futurewave. She likes making/watching films and eating donuts. She also likes bagels. Basically any bread with holes in it.

Hana is a Sophomore at the University of Washington and a current intern for SIFF. She loves to travel and eat foods from all over the world. Her visit to South Africa this summer changed her world-views immensely. Hana has loved SIFF and international films since she was a little girl and was a part of the 2012 Futurewave Jury at SIFF. Her favorite films are Bend It Like Beckham and The Karate Kid (1984 version).

Kiawe grew up in Seattle, Washington where he graduated from Cleveland High School. At the age of 16, he developed a production company called Cascade, where he practices his skills as an aspiring filmmaker and screen writer. A young writer, Kiawe is the author of the book, "Lessons from a Metro Bus" and has preformed spoken word poetry all across the country.

Landyn is a Senior from Bothell High School. He loves tacos, cats, photography, and graphic design.

Lena is a high school student at Holy Names. Some things she finds enjoyable in life are: nostalgia, Lesley Gore, love sonnets by Pablo Neruda, Sufjan Stevens' voice, and the occasional cuddle with her three dogs.

Leo is a Sophomore at Ballard High School in Seattle. He enjoys filmmaking, especially the storytelling aspect of it. He strives to pursue film in his future career. To Leo, Futurewave means engagement in film and helping the next generation of filmmakers.

Zac is a Senior at Garfield High School who has been volunteering and interning at SIFF for the past two years. He is very excited to help out on the new Futurewave Committee and will do his best to make this year the best of the committee.