FutureWave Committee

In 2010, SIFF formed a dynamic youth advisory committee comprised of 20 students aged 15 to 20 from 18 different schools across the Puget Sound region. These young adults of the FutureWave Committee foster community among peer-aged film enthusiasts by making films accessible, planning events, promoting awareness, and creating year-round programming.

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Meet the 2014-2015 FutureWave Committee

Ashley's interest in film started when her dad would let her choose her own movies at blockbuster and now she plans to pursue filmmaking as a career. She's a sucker for a good tearjerker and she likes button-up shirts.

Emma is a sophomore at The University of Washington and is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Some of her favorite movies are the original three Indiana Jones films, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands, and It's a Wonderful Life. Her hobbies include binge watching TV shows, reading novels, obsessing over everything Lena Dunham does, and drinking iced coffee.

Hana is a Junior at the University of Washington studying Communication and American Ethnic Studies. Beginning in February, for one semester, she will be studying abroad in New Zealand. She hopes to meet film lovers there and attend the New Zealand International Film Festival. Hana was a part of the 2012 SIFF FutureWave Jury and and the FutureWave Committee and is now an Education Intern at SIFF.

Kamla is a junior at Holy Names Academy. She enjoys French New Wave and Surrealism as well as making her own films. She also loves animals, all animals. She has 14 pets.

Mari is a Junior at Holy Names who can and will obsess over any film she watches; learning every bit of trivia about them. Her likes include mosh pits, the Culkin brothers, the Backstreet Boys, and day-old movie theater popcorn. Her favorite films go from Stand By Me to Requiem For a Dream and Igby Goes Down to Adventures in Babysitting.

Max is a first year member of FutureWave. He is a junior at Eastside Prep and  his main interests are in making and watching movies. His favorite role is directing but he enjoys anything with film in which he can be creative. A list of his favorite movies can be found here. He believes the best food to eat while watching a movie at home is a waffle with ice cream, and the best movie watching companion is a black lab named Buddy.

Nick is a senior at Interlake High School who loves making short films and play basketball in his free time. Someday Nick hopes to be a filmmaker as a career and work on major film projects. He is excited to be a part of the FutureWave committee this year and contribute new ideas!

Rebecca is a sophomore at the university of Washington. I like puppies, watching movies and tv shows, and listening to podcasts. I also enjoy making giant pillow and blankets forts, you know the type that can span an apartment.