Beyond the Brick: A LEGO® Brickumentary

Denmark | 2014 | 95 minutes | Daniel Junge, Kief Davidson

Got a case of Legomania that just won’t quit? So do the Master Builders, fans, and conventioneers in this globe-spanning documentary, as well as the creators who have asked us for decades to “just imagine.”

May 16, 2014
Lincoln Square Cinemas  
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May 17, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Directors Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson scheduled to attend

May 18, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Beyond the Brick: A LEGO® Brickumentary is the first official documentary about the world’s favorite toy. Or is it more than just a toy? Co-directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge explore the vast world of LEGO® and the boundless creativity it inspires. Since its birth in 1947, LEGO® has produced over 400 billion bricks, but the bricks aren’t just for kids. Adult Fans of LEGO® from around the globe unashamedly proclaim their love of the toy, with brick artists—particularly those who’ve achieved the status of “Master Builder”—assembling stunning and surprising creations. Increasingly, LEGO® bricks are also being used for therapeutic purposes, as well as in the classroom to expose children to the principles of engineering. Ultimately, Beyond the Brick: A LEGO® Brickumentary goes beyond being a survey of all things LEGO® to delve into such deeper questions as why we build. What are the limits of human creativity in a finite world? This awesome documentary will inspire audiences of all ages to rekindle their inner creative flame.

Director Biography

Daniel Junge is an Oscar®-winning (and two-time nominated) documentary filmmaker. His favorite LEGO® set growing up was #565 Moon Landing. Kief Davidson is an Oscar®-nominated director who makes films that inspire and entertain. Kief has happily rediscovered LEGO® bricks with his six-year-old son and is investing in lots of them.

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Director: Daniel Junge, Kief Davidson
Principal Cast: Narrated by: Jason Bateman
Country: Denmark, USA
Year: 2014
Running Time: 95 minutes
Producer: Brendan Kiernan, Justin Moore Lewy, Daniel Junge, Chris Brown, Jim Packer, Bob Lewis, Jill Wilfert, Lee Clay, Anthony Romano
Screenplay: Daniel Junge, Davis Coombe, Kief Davidson
Cinematographers: Robert Muratore, Tony Molino, Shana Hagan, Aaron Phillups, Luke Geissbuhler, Jasper Gray
Editors: Davis Coombe, Darrin Roberts, Marco Jakubowicz, Chad Herschberger, Tiffany Hauck, Inbal Lessner
Production Designer: Original Animation: Tommy Williamson, James Morr
Music: John Jennings Boyd, original song "Name" by DeVotchKa
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: DAVIDSON: Open Heart (Doc, 2013); Kassim the Dream (Doc, 2008); The Devil’s Miner (Doc, 2005); JUNGE: Fight Church (2014); Saving Face (2011); The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner (Doc, 2009); They Killed Sister Dorothy (Doc, 2008); Iron Ladies of Liberia (Doc, 2007); Chiefs (2002)
Language: English
International Sales: Submarine Entertainment
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