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Chinese Puzzle

France | 2013 | 117 minutes | Cédric Klapisch

SIFF and César award-winning director Cédric Klapisch completes his trilogy (2002’s L'Auberge Espagnole, 2005’s Russian Dolls), following soulful everyman writer Xavier to New York City in the hopes of winning back his estranged wife and their two children.

May 16, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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May 18, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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For over a decade, beginning with L'Auberge Espagnole (2002) and continuing in Russian Dolls (2005), Cédric Klapisch has followed the professional and romantic travails of writer Xavier (Romain Duris). Chinese Puzzle maintains the gentle, sunny charm that has defined the series, despite such far-flung locales as Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, and now a beautifully filmed New York, so inimitably, irresistibly Gallic. When Xavier’s ex-wife Wendy (Kelly Reilly) moves their young children to America, he has no option but to uproot himself, despite a lack of prospects and no accommodations beyond the couch of old pal Isabelle (Cécile de France) and her partner Ju (Sandrine Holt). Needing work, Xavier becomes a bicycle courier; needing a solution to his visa status, he considers a green card marriage. Bringing back most of Xavier’s circle of friends from previous installments while making plenty of room for new ones, the film’s sympathetic humor ensures they’re all delightful company to keep, whether you’re encountering them for the first time or catching up with a series you’ve followed for years.

Director Biography

Cédric Klapisch is a French film director who studied film at the New Sorbonne University in Paris as well as at NYU. In the mid-'80s, Klapisch directed a number of documentary segments for French television before moving on to direct his own works. Chinese Puzzle is the third film in Klapisch's "Spanish Apartment Series."

Sponsored by TV5MONDE, Alliance Française de Seattle, French American Cultural Society, French Immersion School of Washington, The French American School of Puget Sound

Director: Cédric Klapisch
Principal Cast: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cécile de France, Kelly Reilly, Sandrine Holt
Country: France
Year: 2013
Running Time: 117 minutes
Producer: Bruno Levy, Cédric Klapisch
Screenplay: Cédric Klapisch
Cinematographers: Natasha Braier
Editors: Anne-Sophie Bion
Music: Loïk Dury
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: My Piece of the Pie (2011); Paris (2008); Russian Dolls (2006); Neither For, Nor Against (2002); L’Auberge Espagnole (2001); Maybe (1999); Family Resemblances (1996); When the Cat’s Away (1996); Lumière and Company (1995); Good Old Daze (1994); Little Nothings (1992)
Language: French
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
US Distributor: Cohen Media Group
International Sales: Studio Canal
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