The Computers

USA | 2014 | 20 minutes | Kate McMahon

This is the inspiring story of how six gifted young women programmed the first all-electronic, digital computer, the ENIAC, as part of a secret WWII project.

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All aboard this tour of amazing people and places, from the pioneering women at the dawn of computers to a young Burkinabe boy who wants to be a superhero, these short will take you places that have to be seen to be believed.

Director: Kate McMahon
Premier Status: World Premiere
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Running Time: 20 minutes
Producer: Kathy Kleiman, Jon Palfreman, Kate McMahon
Screenplay: Jon Palfreman, Kathy Kleiman
Cinematographers: Mark Rublee
Editors: Mark Rublee
Music: John E. Low
Website: Official Film Website
Language: English
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