USA | 2013 | 25 minutes | Frank Meli

When a talent show is promoted at his high school, one awkward boy finds solace in an unlikely place that he can use to express his identity and participate in the event.

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International Male

Through ritual, law, loss, and experience, the diverse lives of these gay men have been forever changed.

Director: Frank Meli
Principal Cast: Barry Bostwick, Missi Pyle, Cheyenne Jackson, Rob Riggle, Carmen Electra
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 25 minutes
Producer: Frank Meli, Adam Shankman, Andrea Meli
Screenplay: Frank Meli, Jacob Swanson
Cinematographers: Jacob Swanson
Editors: Frank Meli
Music: Lucian Piane
Language: English
HasSubTitles: Yes
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