Eastern Boys

France | 2013 | 128 minutes | Robin Campillo

In this erotically charged nail-biter, middle-aged French businessman Daniel changes his life with a single act. When Daniel shyly propositions a Ukrainian hustler in the Gare du Nord, the younger man keeps the date—but doesn’t show up alone.

May 25, 2014
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May 27, 2014
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In this erotically charged nail-biter, middle-aged businessman Daniel changes his life with a single act, discreetly soliciting the company of Marek, a young man he encounters at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris. The next day, Daniel is expecting a visit from his new companion, but is instead rudely met with a very different experience—an entrapment scheme he has unknowingly fallen into. Marek is one of many “Eastern Boys,” a group of young men of various ages—undocumented immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and other nearby countries—who live within insulated camaraderie, forced to do whatever they need to in order to survive on their own in an unfamiliar country. When Daniel finally learns who Marek really is, Daniel’s way of life is changed forever, and the satisfaction he seeks from Marek’s company drastically turns into an undeniable responsibility for Marek’s well-being. Eastern Boys is a cautionary tale that revolves around desire, impulse, responsibility, and what sincerely inspires us to devote ourselves to another person.

Director Biography

French director Robin Campillo was born in Morocco in 1962. He attended the Institute for Advanced Cinema Studies in 1983, then took several years dedicating his time to the fight against AIDS. In 2004, Campillo directed his first feature film They Came Back, to critical acclaim.

Sponsored by TV5MONDE, Alliance Française de Seattle, French American Cultural Society, French Immersion School of Washington, The French American School of Puget Sound

Director: Robin Campillo
Principal Cast: Olivier Rabourdin, Kirill Emelyanov, Danil Vorobyev, Edea Darcque, Camila Charinova
Country: France
Year: 2013
Running Time: 128 minutes
Producer: Hugues Charbonneau, Marie-Ange Luciani
Screenplay: Robin Campillo
Cinematographers: Jeanne Lapoirie
Editors: Robin Campillo
Music: Arnaud Rebotini
Website: Official Film Website
Awards: Venice Film Festival 2013 (Horizons Award for Best Film), Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2014 (Best International Feature)
Filmography: Les Revenants (2004)
Language: French, English
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Films Distribution
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