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The Archivist

Canada | 2013 | 11 minutes | Jeremy Ball

The new assistant projectionist at an aging movie palace investigates a series of mysterious disappearances.

Bernard The Great

Canada (Québec) | 2013 | 10 minutes | Marie-Hélène Viens, Philippe Lupien

It's Bernard's birthday, but he is not happy about it. In a strange world where adults are selfish and indifferent, Bernard doesn't want to grow up if it means to become like them.

The Chaperone

Canada (Québec) | 2013 | 12 minutes | Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone

The true, previously untold story of a lone school teacher who fought off an entire motorcycle gang while chaperoning a middle school dance.

The Dead State

Canada | 2013 | 7 minutes | Maxim Moskalev

Kleinburg is under zombie attack. Almost everyone got bitten except for 2 little boys who must discover a cure before it is too late.

How to Deal with an Axe Murderer

Canada | 2014 | 13 minutes | Adam Estey

A short instructional film that just might save your life ... please take notes.

In Passing

Canada | 2013 | 5 minutes | Alan Miller

A short film about a man who jumps off a building to end his life, and the woman he falls in love with on the way down.

Life's a Bitch

Canada (Québec) | 2013 | 6 minutes | Francois Jaros

Love. Grief. Shock. Denial.—Portrait of a break up in five minutes.

A Purrfect Pair

Canada | 2013 | 4 minutes | Gwyneth Christoffel

A dog and a cat spy each other at the veterinarian's office and instantly fall in love and after they are ripped apart imagine what their lives together might be like.


Canada | 2013 | 9 minutes | Danis Goulet

A lone Cree wanderer searches an urban wasteland to find the ancient and dangerous Weetigo.