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3 Minute Masterpiece Youth Winner 2014

USA | 2014 | 3 minutes |

Air Pressure

USA | 2014 | 8 minutes | Leo Pfeifer, Coleman Andersen

Long after a disastrous experience at the Balloon Animal World Championships, an old man struggles to regain his youthful confidence.

Dave’s Wild Life

United Kingdom | 2013 | 8 minutes | Samuel de Ceccatty

Dave is a lonely and socially awkward retail assistant who leads a seemingly uneventful life. He dreams of having his own wildlife show, and transforms his otherwise mundane life into an adventure by imagining undiscovered urban creatures.

Dresses - Painting Roses

USA | 2014 | 3 minutes | Tim Hendrix

An experimental music video featuring the band Dresses as they perform in a mystical, miniature land full of skeletons.

Espero? (Hope?)

United Kingdom | 2014 | 5 minutes | Yifan Hu

Gaia, our planet Earth, met humankind years and years ago, and then problems ensued.

Max’s Last Chance!

USA | 2013 | 6 minutes | Patrick Winston

Max and Kelly are known for being the truest besties that came out of Idyllwild Arts, but Max wants more.


USA | 2013 | 7 minutes | Lance Oppenheim

An elderly gentleman attempts to retrieve forgotten memories while battling the progression and regression of the cycles of life.

Space Girl

USA | 2013 | 7 minutes | Sam Gorman, Si Affron

A young girl's trip to her grandmother's house takes an unexpected turn when she shares a story from her adventurous youth.