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The Alchemy of Film Scoring 2014

90 minutes

Dissecting the ingredients to what makes a strong film score, and exploring how directors and composers communicate to create the magic that elevates action, evokes emotion, and makes film sing. Adam Gehrke will lead a discussion with panelists/composer heavyweights Hummie Mann, Ed Hartman, Mateo Messina, and BC Campbell.

Catalyst: Art, Cinema & Code

60 minutes

This panel considers how contemporary artists are using code as a cinematic medium, from social media applications to interactive documentaries and immersive installations.

Catalyst: Filmmaker Panel

90 minutes

Join the six Catalyst filmmakers (and some of their producers) as we discuss how they each brought their unique vision to the screen. From script development to production to finding an audience on the festival circuit and beyond, this is sure to be one of the most engaging and informative panels of the festival.

Catalyst: Keynote with Emily Best (Seed&Spark)

60 minutes

Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, believes that storytelling is about expanding imagination and that films are not just art, but also business ventures - which means filmmakers are creative CEOs. Join her as she discusses the importance of audience engagement, the next wave of digital distribution, and why the future is bright for diverse voices in filmmaking.

Catalyst: Produce Smarter - How to Finance Your Short Film Without Using Your Credit Card

60 minutes

Screenwriter/attorney Steve Edmiston will share over a decade of lessons learned about finding and raising money for low budgets in the rapidly evolving filmmaking ecosystem.

Successful Genre Filmmaking

USA | 60 minutes

Join producers Kelly Martin Wagner and Nick Phillips (Beneath) for an illuminating session focused on genre filmmaking. In addition to producing, they also have years of experience to share in development and casting of genre properties.

The Changing Face of Documentary Filmmaking

90 minutes

Join visiting documentary filmmakers for an illuminating discussion on the art of their art form.

Crash Cinema @ Folklife

540 minutes

Make a film in a day with a group of filmmakers using the Folklife Festival as your backdrop. All films screen at the 6:00pm at the Film Center Theater.

Crowdfunding to Build an Audience


This class for film-related projects presented by Emily Best (Seed&Spark) will provide the crowdfunding action plan most likely to create a lasting, flourishing, direct relationship with your audience.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: The Hammersmith App and Other New Teaching Tools

May 31, 2014

180 minutes

Participants will get hands on experience with an exciting new app that facilitates filmmaking within a community. Clock hours will be available for participating educators.