The Future of Film Criticism

90 minutes

Explore judging the movies and how film critics and journalists shape your cinema.

June 7, 2014
SIFF Film Center Festival  
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If your only notion of someone who watches movies for a living is Jay Sherman on "The Critic," think again. The gatekeepers of conversations about movies large and small these days are a more varied crowd than ever: Bloggers with personal sites and podcasts have joined the fray alongside seasoned print and online journalists in an increasingly leveled playing field. At the same time, the very idea of a "professional critic" is in peril as prominent voices in America continue to lose their jobs. How will this career survive digital age? And more importantly -- how will it impact the movies that you see? We'll talk to some of the strongest voices in the field and sort it all out. 

Panelists expected to include:
Anne Thompson, Thompson on Hollywood, Indiewire
David Ehrlich,
Kathy Fennessy, The Stranger
Kevin Lee,

Moderator: Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Running Time: 90 minutes