FutureWave Shorts / Best of NFFTY

2014 | 80 minutes

The next generation of filmmakers have extraordinary talent and share their own unique voices. These international shorts from filmmakers 18 and under point the way to an exceptional cinematic tomorrow.

May 26, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Packaged Films

A Purrfect Pair

A dog and a cat spy each other at the veterinarian's office and instantly fall in love and after they are ripped apart imagine what their lives together might be like.

Air Pressure

Long after a disastrous experience at the Balloon Animal World Championships, an old man struggles to regain his youthful confidence.

Black Rock Creek

A young girl takes a mystical walk along beautiful Black Rock Creek.

City Series: Seattle

A glimpse at the city of Seattle, in the vein of ‘city symphonies’ from the 1920’s.

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons

Experience the effects of gentrification on Bedford-Stuyvesant through the eyes of its community.

Dave’s Wild Life

Dave is a lonely and socially awkward retail assistant who leads a seemingly uneventful life. He dreams of having his own wildlife show, and transforms his otherwise mundane life into an adventure by imagining undiscovered urban creatures.

Dresses - Painting Roses

An experimental music video featuring the band Dresses as they perform in a mystical, miniature land full of skeletons.

Espero? (Hope?)

Gaia, our planet Earth, met humankind years and years ago, and then problems ensued.

Listen Up Kids

An experiment in rhythm.

Max’s Last Chance!

Max and Kelly are known for being the truest besties that came out of Idyllwild Arts, but Max wants more.


An elderly gentleman attempts to retrieve forgotten memories while battling the progression and regression of the cycles of life.

Space Girl

A young girl's trip to her grandmother's house takes an unexpected turn when she shares a story from her adventurous youth.

The Dead State

Kleinburg is under zombie attack. Almost everyone got bitten except for 2 little boys who must discover a cure before it is too late.

The Sempiternal

A man comes home, late at night, and parks his car in a lonely car park. As he walks to his home, he encounters a horror he could never have expected.

While We're Asleep

These kids are experts in explaining and exploring the world of dreams.
Year: 2014
Running Time: 80 minutes