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History of Fear

Historia del Miedo

Argentina | 2013 | 79 minutes | Benjamín Naishtat

Sprawling in scope and precise in its portrayal of edgy anxiety, Benjamin Naishtat’s film creates uneasiness for the denizens of an affluent suburb near Buenos Aires. Paranoia reigns when mysterious happenings befall their insulated community.

June 3, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 5, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Something's amiss in a gated community outside of Buenos Aires. Burglar alarms are being tripped in Camilo's uncle's mansion, the abandoned land on the other side of the gate has begun to smolder, and Pola's simple trip to a fast food restaurant takes a bizarre, unsettling turn. When a hole is discovered in the community's fence, anxiety sets in and their fragile sense of safety begins to dissolve. Through a series of overlapping stories, History of Fear traverses both sides of this fence to explore the lives and anxieties of a series of recurring characters who feel their security threatened in a variety of ways. Intentionally isolated from the larger world, their dread begins to feed on itself. As their stories progress and merge, we begin to recognize their fears and identify with each character's unease, while we are subtly invited to join them as their fear slowly turns to hysteria. Employing a crack team of editors and sound designers, debut director Benjamín Naishtat creates a stunning exercise in suspense that examines the destructive qualities of fear, and questions the very nature of fear itself.

Director Biography

Benjamín Naishtat was born in Buenos Aires, where he currently lives and works. He studied at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and completed his studies at Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. Benjamin has directed several works of fiction such as his short film El Juego (2010), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and more experimental work such as his video Historia Del Mal (2011), which premiered in Rotterdam and was shown in several exhibitions abroad. History of Fear (2014) is his first feature film. 

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Director: Benjamín Naishtat
Principal Cast: Jonathan Da Rosa, Claudia Cantero, Tatiana Giménez
Country: Argentina, Uruguay, France, Germany
Year: 2013
Running Time: 79 minutes
Producer: Benjamín Doménech, Santiago Gallelli
Screenplay: Benjamín Naishtat
Cinematographers: Soledad Rodríguez
Editors: Fernando Epstein, Andrés Quaranta
Music: Pedro Irusta
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Visit Films
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