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USA | 2013 | 87 minutes | Lise Raven

This visually stunning drama illustrates the journey of a man who must bring his dead brother’s wife and sons across rural 19th century Pennsylvania. The two boys mysteriously go missing, and the resulting search for them brings out the best and worst in the pioneering community.

May 29, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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May 30, 2014
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Set in the rugged wilderness of mid-19th century Pennsylvania, Lise Raven’s mysterious second feature is an entrancing examination of a pioneer community as they cope with the disappearance of two children. John Linden (Frank Brückner) is a recent immigrant who scrapes out a meager living for his family shoveling coal at a rural mill. Bound by duty following his brother’s death, John has taken his brother’s widow, Flora (Emily Behr), into his home, along with her two sons, Caspar and Georgie (Leopold and Ludwig Pasternak). When the young boys disappear into the forest without a trace, it throws the entire village into tumult. As the settlers band together to search for the missing children, both allegiances and suspicious are formed, setting into motion a series of events that will ultimately test the faith of the entire community. Drawing comparisons to the early films of Peter Weir, including Picnic At Hanging Rock, Raven’s hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic Kinderwald examines an early immigrant community as they deal with the inexplicable disappearance of two of their own. Featuring gorgeous, naturalistic cinematography by William DeJessa and a moody score, Kinderwald is a beautiful puzzle of a film.

Director Biography

Lise Raven's first feature film, Low, was one of the founding Slamdance Film Festival films, after which she wrote and directed three films for the Showtime Cable network. In 2000 Raven moved to Berlin, Germany after being awarded the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm Artist Residency in Film. While in Europe, Raven's feature film project, Snipe, received development funding from the Irish Film Board. Raven was selected to develop ‘Snipe' at the prestigious Moonstone Director's Lab in Drymen, Scotland. Raven's feature film Kinderwald (the second film in The Kinderwald Trilogy, a trilogy of films that are inspired by fairy tales about children lost in the woods.) premiered in June 2013 at the Munich International Film Festival, and was chosen as the Closing Night Film at the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival. Raven's next project takes place on the Oregon Coast and is a story of one man's journey to open up new lands both within and beyond himself.

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Director: Lise Raven
Principal Cast: Emily Behr, Frank Brückner, Max Cove, Leopold Fischer Pasternak, Ludwig Fischer Pasterwalk
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 87 minutes
Producer: Lise Raven, Stephanie Ayanian, Ally Navratil
Screenplay: Lise Raven, Frank Brückner
Cinematographers: William DeJessa
Editors: Elyssa Cusimano
Music: MOBY
Website: Official Film Website
Filmography: Low (1995)
Language: German, English
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
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