Lan Yan

China | 2013 | 14 minutes | Danielle Schmidt

As high-rise developments threaten their building, the residents of the Shikumen area in Shanghai reflect upon their sense of closeness and community.

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Ripped From the Headlines

A notorious killer faces parole, China faces a new architecture, and a young girl wants to be crowned in these true stories from around the world.

Director: Danielle Schmidt
Principal Cast: Zhang Jian Xin, Zhang Jing Fang
Country: China, USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 14 minutes
Producer: Pawara Soh
Screenplay: Pawara Soh, Danielle Schmidt, Jamie Oliveira
Cinematographers: Jamie Oliveira
Editors: Lu Xin, Zeng Ling Zi
Music: Belinda Lee
Language: Mandarin, Chinese
HasSubTitles: Yes
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