The Lottery

La Loteria

USA | 2013 | 9 minutes | Shahir Daud

While waiting to board his plane so that he can immigrate to America, Augusto Ramirez recalls the three biggest regrets in his life.

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Director: Shahir Daud
Principal Cast: Ismael Cruz-Cordova, Ines Milans, Manny Rey
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 9 minutes
Producer: Shivali Gulab, Alejandro Soto Goico
Screenplay: Shahir Daud, Brendan McArthy, Gavin McGibbon
Cinematographers: Brandon Ripley
Editors: Shahir Daud, Alejandro Soto-Goico
Music: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Yva Las Vegass
Website: Official Film Website
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
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