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The Militant

El Lugar del Hijo

Uruguay | 2013 | 121 minutes | Manuel Nieto

Ariel Cruz returns to his hometown for the funeral of his father. While there, he experiences protesting students and the shocking hunger strikes of the meat packers, exposing him to the realities of his people’s hardships.

May 20, 2014
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May 28, 2014
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In The Militant, Uruguayan writer-director Manolo Nieto combines the traditional coming-of-age story with a fish-out-of-water comedy to create an inspired cinematic experience. Upon learning of his father's death, disheveled student-activist Ariel leaves the occupation of his university in Montevideo to return home for the funeral. He soon discovers that his father has left behind a ranch with substantial debts that he must settle. Skilled at nothing but protesting, Ariel is reluctant to take on this responsibility, but finds that everything at home is a mess: his father's mistress has taken over the family home, the ranch hands haven't been paid in months, and the local activists seem to only want to throw parties and philosophize. Looking for a sense of purpose, Ariel joins the local meat packers protest and tries his hand at ranching, but finds with both that he has a lot to learn. Nieto infuses these situations with a sly, sometimes surreal sense of humor, while Felipe Dieste maintains a detached, slackeresque air that keeps Ariel's befuddlement continuously amusing. Together, they have created the rare comedy with a sophisticated political gambit: to question the political and economic inheritance of an entire generation.

Director Biography

Born in Montevideo, Manuel Nieto graduated in media studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay. He worked in TV before jump into films. Since then, he has worked as assistant director with Rebella-Stoll, Lisandro Alonso, Paz Encina, and Federico Veiroj. His first feature film The Dog Pound (2006) premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and won the VPRO Tiger Award. 

Director: Manuel Nieto
Principal Cast: Felipe Dieste, Alejandro Urdapilleta, Rosana Cabrera, Leonor Courtoisie, Germán De Silva
Country: Uruguay, Argentina
Year: 2013
Running Time: 121 minutes
Producer: Lisandro Alonso, Manuel Nieto
Screenplay: Manolo Nieto
Cinematographers: Arauco Hernández Holz
Editors: Pablo Riera, Martín Mainoli
Music: Genuflexos
Website: Oficial Film Website
Awards: Havana Film Festival 2013 (Best Cinematography, Grand Coral Second Prize), Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2013 (Critics Special Award)
Filmography: La Perrera (2006)
Language: Spanish
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: FiGa Films
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