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Palestine Stereo

Falastine Stereo

Palestine | 2013 | 90 minutes | Rashid Masharawi

Two brothers in the West Bank are rendered homeless by an Israeli airstrike, and hustle odd jobs to raise enough money to emigrate to Canada. This ironic drama captures the tragicomic absurdities of life under occupation.

June 2, 2014
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June 7, 2014
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Palestinian director Rashid Mashawari (Laila's Birthday, SIFF 2009) captures the tragicomic absurdities of life under occupation in this gently ironic drama about two brothers in the West Bank. Stereo and Sami have been camping in the backyard of Sami’s former girlfriend, Leila, ever since Stereo’s apartment was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike. (The Israelis were trying to take out a terrorist on the third floor; Stereo had the bad luck to live on the fifth.) The bombing did other damage as well; Stereo’s young wife was killed, while Sami was left unable to hear or speak. Determined to start over, Stereo and Sami now take odd jobs, hoping to raise enough money to immigrate to Canada. But Leila is unwilling to let Sami go, leading to circumstances that cause the brothers to question their decision to leave. What is the benefit of a new start if everything of greatest value gets left behind?

Director Biography

Palestinian director and writer Rashid Masharawi is best known for Laila's Birthday (2008) and Ticket to Jerusalem (2002). Masharawi has won numerous awards around the world including the Silver Pyramid at the Cairo International Film Festival and the Silver Screen Award at the Singapore International Film Festival.

Director: Rashid Masharawi
Principal Cast: Mahmoud Abu Jazi, Salah Hannoun, Areen Omari
Country: Palestine, Tunisia, France, Norway,United Arab Emirates, Italy, Switzerland
Year: 2013
Running Time: 90 minutes
Producer: Habib Attia, Abdel Salam Abu Askar, Rashid Masharawi
Screenplay: Rashid Masharawi
Cinematographers: Tarek Ben Abdallah
Editors: Pascale Chavance
Music: Kais Sellami
Filmography: Land of the Story (Doc, 2012); Little Wings (Doc, 2009); Laila’s Birthday (2008); Waiting (2005); Arafat, My Brother (Doc, 2005); Ticket to Jerusalem (2002); Behind the Walls (1999); Rabab (1997); Haifa (1995); Curfew (1993); Long Days in Gaza (1991); Dar o Dur (Doc, 1991)
Language: Arabic
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
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