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Thailand | 2012 | 68 minutes | Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

When her hard drive breaks, taking with it a year’s worth of work, film location scout Sai sets out to recapture the missing photos and memories of an unrequited love. Told entirely over 36 static shots.

June 7, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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June 9, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Sai is a location manager who takes lots of photos and archives them by year. As the movie opens, she and Oom, the art director, are scouting locations for a feature film. They start to warm to each other and Oom asks her to take their picture together. At this point we cut to the film's credits, and when we return to the story years have passed. She's onto another movie and needs to find photos of that time, but discovers that her hard drive has failed. As she waits to see if the photos can be recovered, she wonders the same thing about the relationship. Director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit captures this story in 36 beautifully composed shots, each of which is numbered and has a descriptive title. Instead of constraining the characters, his framing device implies a bigger world where characters are free to walk off-screen or have their backs to the camera, and things happen outside of the constraints of the story. There's an intimacy to the movie, as if we're seeing a series of candid snapshots and overhearing conversations. This minimalist approach helps accentuate the emotions so, by the end, a small smile becomes a joyous revelation.

Director Biography
Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, born in 1984, is a scenario writer for a commercial film studio and a film critic. 36 is his debut feature film.

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Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Principal Cast: Koramit Vajrasthira, Wanlop Rungkumjad, Nottapon Boonprakob, Siriporn Kongma
Premier Status: North American
Country: Thailand
Year: 2012
Running Time: 68 minutes
Producer: Aditya Assarat
Screenplay: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Cinematographers: Pairach Khumwan
Editors: Chonlasit Upanigkit
Music: Wuttipong Leetrakul
Website: http://www.pascaleramonda.com/36/
Awards: Cinemanila International Film Festival 2012 (Best Director); Busan Internatinol Film Festival 2012 (New Currents Award, FIPRESCI Award)
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: Thai
HasSubTitles: Yes
Format: DCP
International Sales: Ramonda Films
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