Acting for the Camera with STS Film Academy

240 minutes

10am-2:00pm (Film Center Classroom)
$10 - General Audience, $5 - SIFF Members

Acting for the Camera gives students the opportunity to explore acting in four basic camera shots (wide, over-the-shoulder, medium, close-up).

June 8, 2013
SIFF Film Center Festival  
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At STS Film Academy, we believe acting is "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" whether onstage or on-camera.  However, even though the foundations of acting are the same for both, the techniques for believable performance are different.  The on-camera actor needs to adjust physically, vocally, and mentally to various camera shots; match his/her physical movements from one shot to the next; maintain extreme focus, concentration and imagination on a busy set; and perform believably with the highest possible stakes in a state of ease and readiness.  Get an inside glimpse into how it's done in this unique forum provided by the STS Film Academy.

Running Time: 240 minutes
Website: Film Series