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Alive and Well

Director Josh Taft & Producer Kate Bayley scheduled to attend | May 22 & May 23

USA | 2013 | 75 minutes | Josh Taft

The courage and strength of the human spirit are illuminated in this gripping documentary, which follows resilient characters coming to terms with the profound reality of living with the hereditary chronic illness known as Huntington's Disease.

May 22, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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May 23, 2013
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
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Huntington's disease, an incurable degenerative disorder, affects an estimated 30,000 people in the United States; and because children of its sufferers have a 50/50 chance of developing it themselves, another 150,000 are potentially at risk. These dry statistics are clothed in flesh and blood in this documentary, which intimately chronicles how the disease impacts many lives. A bike enthusiast who has tested positive for the genetic markers shrugs off any sympathy tossed her way, insisting on living for the present while caring tenderly for a mother whose cramped, shaking immobility reveals her own future. A housewife thinks lovingly of her husband, his gait now stiffened by the disease, and their young son paralyzed by early-onset Huntington's, and tearfully worries if they'd made the right decisions. A young woman whose father has died finally decides to be tested herself, nervously awaiting the results in her doctor's office. The subjects are not doctors or scientists viewing the situation from afar, but average people showing extraordinary resolve as they stare down a medical nightmare. Their testimonials, passed along without judgment, speak of courage and terror, anxiety and hope in equal, flowing measure.

Director Biography
Josh Taft is an acclaimed director of music videos, having worked with such bands as Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam since the early 1990s. Alive and Well is his first documentary feature.

Sponsored in part by 4Culture, National Endowment for the Arts, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, KCTS 9 Reel NW

Director: Josh Taft
Premier Status: World
Country: USA, United Kingdom, Kenya
Year: 2013
Running Time: 75 minutes
Producer: Kate Bayley
Cinematographers: Tadd Sackville-West
Editors: Chris Perkel
Music: Saunder Jurriaans, Danny Bensi
Website: http://www.aliveandwellthefilm.com
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Language: English
Format: HDCAM
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