Battle of amfAR

USA | 2013 | 40 minutes | Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein

Epstein and Friedman (The Celluloid Closet, Paragraph 175) recount the creation of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, centering on the partnership between research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim and movie star Elizabeth Taylor.

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Ripped From the Headlines

Iraqi vet adrenaline junkies, a Hollywood icon’s passionate crusade, and a Russian orphan’s remarkable rebirth—discover the whole story behind the headlines.

Director: Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein
Principal Cast: Featuring: Mathilde Krim, Elizabeth Taylor
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running Time: 40 minutes
Producer: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, Sharon Wood
Screenplay: Sharon Wood
Cinematographers: Buddy Squires, Jon Shenk
Editors: Michael Palmieri
Music: Jeff Beal
Language: English
Format: HDCAM
US Distributor: HBO Pictures
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